Software Installation Page

Install MathRider Version 6 on your computer by following these steps:

Windows Installation

Step 1: Download the MathRider Installer for Windows

Download the MathRider installer (124 MB) by using the following download button:

Download MathRider Installer for Windows

Step 2: Install MathRider on your PC

Once you have downloaded the MathRider installer to your hard disk, simply double-click on it to start the actual installation of MathRider on your computer.

MacOS Installation

Step 1: Install Adobe Air runtime environment for MathRider

Download and install the Adobe Air runtime from the Harman website:

Install Adobe Air runtime for MacOS

Step 2: Download and install MathRider on your Mac

Once you have downloaded and installed Adobe Air, you can proceed to downloading the MathRider installation package (112MB) by clicking on the button below and then installing it:

Download MathRider Installation package

For a more detailed walkthrough of the installation process on MacOS, please visit our MathRider on Mac Installation Help page.

Security Notice

During installation you may be asked whether you wish to give MathRider the ability to access your system. MathRider needs this access to:

  • Store player information and statistics on your computer;
  • Save game results to disk; and
  • Automatically keep itself up to date

MathRider does not use this access for anything other than the above functions.


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Further Assistance

If you encounter any difficulty with downloading and installing the software, please have a look at our installation support section. If that does not help, please use the contact form provided on that page.

The MathRider team